Audit And Assurance Services


It is undeniable that the business environment today places a growing level of importance on risk management and compliance. This circumstances has led to greater transparency and increased requirements for disclosure. This makes auditing and financial reporting vital and the implications of not getting it right can cause irreparable serious complications. We, at H & P understand the complexity involved and go beyond crunching the numbers to ensure a true and fair view of our clients distinguish financial position is well presented at all times. Our priority is to provide exceptional services with highest integrity, reliability and efficiency with main objective to contribute vastly for our clients business growth.

Our audit team not only has the required skill, vast knowledge and experience in providing audit and assurance services to companies ranging from small to large organizations including multinational companies but we also have the commitment to prioritize our valuable clients. By understanding our clients’ business, we are able to perform audit effectively and efficiently in accordance with the International Standard on Auditing.

Typically upon the completion of the audit, we would report to Management on the scope and findings of our examination and on significant accounting and internal control matters as well as present to Management suggestions for improving the internal accounting controls. This will be the driving point to success for our clients. In addition to that, we also provide continuous technical support to our clients on financial reporting requirements in accordance with the approved accounting standards in Malaysia.

As the decision-maker, you need to certain you are acting on reliable and accurate information. Business risks must be monitored and managed, and your systems and controls must meet legal requirements. The catastrophic of not adhering to any portion of this is unimaginable. We can and will provide you with the confidence you need to get on with running your business smoothly, so that you can pass on that same confidence to your shareholders, investors and customers.

Our Expertise And Business Advisory Services:

  • Audits of charitable organizations, associations and other unincorporated bodies
  • Financial due diligence reviews
  • Special purpose assignments which include special audits and reviews
  • Investigating accounting reports
  • Any other verification works by an approved company auditors